Alcohol Ink Online-Course

by Polina Filippova - artist and owner of “Monet & Manet” Art Studio
Audio: English
Subtitles: Spanish
Learning levels
Number of video tutorials.
Total length - 14+ hours
Happy students from all over the world
My name is Polina, I am an artist and owner of the "Monet & Manet" Art Studio. I specialize in contemporary painting techniques with a focus on alcohol ink art. My artworks can be found in private collections worldwide - see some of them.
I created this online-course because I want to share my knowledge and convey my passion for alcohol ink art to people from all over the world.
Alcohol ink online course
Polina Filippova
Course Author

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Course Program

Basic. Part 1
12 video tutorials, total length 3+ hours
  • How to start working with alcohol inks
  • How to mix alcohol inks
  • How to use metallics
  • How to move ink pool
Techniques and artworks:
  • Roses technique
  • Artwork "Roses bouquet"
  • Pouring technique
  • Gradient technique
  • Silhouettes technique
  • Brush technique 1 - Artwork "Soft waves"
  • Brush technique 2 - Artwork "Abstract landscape"
  • Artwork "Seaside on canvas"
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Basic. Part 2
12 video tutorials, total length 3+ hours
Techniques and artworks:
  • Fade technique
  • Artwork "Wispy flower"
  • Artwork "Wispy flower with round petals"
  • Ripples and ripples with gold techniques
  • Artwork "Wings"
  • Artwork "Sea shell"
  • Artwork "Sand dunes"
  • Ripples + fade technique
  • Artwork "Half board composition"
  • Airy wisps technique
  • Painting on glass
  • 3D technique
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PRO-level. Part 3
10 video tutorials, total length 6+ hours
  • Coloristics and composition
Large format artworks:
  • Artwork "Leaves"
  • Artwork "Exquisite"
  • Artwork "Northern lights"
  • Artwork "Purple ribbons"
  • Artwork "Roses"
  • Artwork "Dove"
Final steps:
  • Framing
  • Varnishing
  • Packing
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Text and video tutorials:
  • Safety
  • Workplace
  • Materials and supplies
  • Review on brands of alcohol inks
  • Introduction to coloristics
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When does the course start?
This alcohol ink online course is a platform with text and pre-recorded video materials. Therefore, you can start studying at any time comfortable for you.
What does 3 months / 6 months / LIFETIME access mean?
These are different tariff plans which you can choose from. 3 months / 6 months / LIFETIME access stand for the time of your access to the course platform. So you can decide according to your work / study schedule how much time are you going to need for the course. Your access to the course platform starts counting from the moment you signed up for the course. Also mind that each tariff has different forms of feedback.
What does a form of feedback mean?
Depending on time of access to the course platform you have different forms of feedback:
  • 3 months access - Questions and Answers form in the personal account (ask any question in the form and receive an answer to your e-mail);
  • 6 months access - plus Private chat with students in Telegram;
  • LIFETIME access - plus Chat with the course author in WhatsApp or Telegram.
How many hours total are the video tutorials?
The total length of videos in the course is more than 14 hours:
  • Basic. Part 1 - 3+ hours;
  • Basic. Part 2 - 3+ hours;
  • PRO-level. Part 3 - 6+ hours;
  • Bonus - 1+ hour.
I signed up for the course, but I did not receive an email. What should I do?
You'll receive an email with access details to the course within 24 hours after payment. If you don't receive the email please check your SPAM folder as well. If not please contact us by or WhatsApp +79150844728, we will solve the problem shortly.
What materials do I need for painting in alcohol ink technique?
In the course, a large section is devoted to an overview of various materials and tools that can be used for painting in alcohol ink technique. The minimum set is a hairdryer, isopropyl alcohol, alcohol inks and a non-porous substrate (synthetic paper or laminated board).
Will I be able to sell my works after completing the course?
The success of an artist is made up of many factors. The course provides all the necessary knowledge for mastering the technique of alcohol ink. More than 70% of our students are artists and those who want to become one in order to sell their work. Alcohol ink is now at its peak and everything is in your hands to take a place in this niche and become successful!
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